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Now Katy Perry, another of my idols!!! Now she is married! WOHOOO!  i wish her the best for she and hers housband!!!

 More songs and videos

Taylor Swift

One of my idols is Taylor Swift, i think she is very pretty, she works very hard and also she is a very good singer!!! i love her and her music and also the videos she make!!! 
here is the song "MINE" of Taylor Swift and also "YOU BELONG WITH ME", "FIFTEEN", "OUR SONG", "TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR" AND MORE

Hello guys!!!

Hello people y have good news! in the academy of my dad like we have a chorus they invite us to go to THE MONO NUÑES that is a nacional festival of singing!!! each week we are trying yo be better and preparing for the special day!!!

I hear it... i talk about it

Hello people!!! in here im going to talk about all the things i like in music!!! for example my favorite singers, songs about them about many many things!!! also i want you to  know that my parents are musicians and that have and academy of music!!! also i play many instruments such as: the recorder, xilophone, clarinet, piano i also sing and every week i try to be a better singer, these year i will want to play the gitar,  i think it is are very good instrument!!! since i was little i play many type of instruments like: the violin, and also when i was little i record
 a CD of chirtmas songs with my friends and with my mum ( she also is a very good singer, here in Colombia she has participate in the most important contests of singing) and my dad a profecional of playing instruments he also has participate in contests of bands etc. So they always told me that i need to be a good musician and i try to be it!! Ohh i almost for got someting in the academy of my dad i am in the  "Mini-band" that is almost like a band but is for the ones that are only begging and in the chorus and i have to admit that are many talented people!!! i hope you like all about music!!